Herb Seedling Potting

I have been so busy with work and my plants lately that I have been neglecting my blog! I have been moving some of my larger herbs into pots so I thought I would give you an update!


Here is the first batch of herbs I planted on March 30, 2018. This photo was taken May 19, 2018.


And here is the second batch of herbs I planted on April 16, 2018. This photo was also taken on May 19, 2018. The second batch really took off but the first just kinda stopped growing after a month or so. I am not sure if it was the types of herbs planted or the types of soil. I used potting soil for the first batch and seed starting soil for the second. I watered them all about the same and they received the same amount of light.

The basil started to yellow a little so I thought I was over watering. I had been watering every other day or so and misting in between if needed. I went a day without watering or misting and things dried out quite a bit. A couple of seedlings even shriveled up and died! That’s why I decided to move out what was large enough so I could start giving them more individual care.


I started my potting by filling my 4″ terracotta pots with Brown Gold from Reindeer’s Natural Plant Foods. They are local to Vancouver Island and their soilless potting mix is full of nutrients. I am hoping to give my herbs the best start possible in their first pots!

I then added some perlite to my potting mix and pushed some of the potting mix towards the sides of the pot creating a hole in the center (as seen above). I also used a butter knife to separate the dirt from the sides of the pods in preparation to move the herbs.


I then moved the herbs (with the dirt from the pods) into the holes in the potting mix. The photo above is of my Lemon Balm.


I buried the herbs up to the first leaves in hopes it will give them a better root system and make them more stable.


Here are my newly potted herbs! They have been in their new homes for about a week and I have seen some growth so I think they are liking it! Almost all of the herbs I potted were from the second batch but I did try potting one of my basil since it didn’t seem happy in the tray. It hadn’t grown in weeks but since moving it to the pot it’s true leaves have doubled in size! I am so happy!

Over the last week or so I have moved all of my viable herbs from the second batch out of my starting tray and into pots. Since I have more space in my starting tray I planted another batch of Basil, Oregano, Mint, Chamomile and Bergamot (herbs from first batch) in the seed starting soil. I am still letting my first batch grow but now I have some more to fall back on if the first batch doesn’t grow anymore and I can see if the different soil helps.

2 thoughts on “Herb Seedling Potting

  1. Your hobby should take a long time but you achieve optimal cultures. With your blog I am going to love myself from now on. Your blog seems great to me and it is very interesting to me. Greetings from Venezuela.

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