1st Attempt at Succulent Propagation

Happy Mother’s Day! Coincidentally this Mother’s Day I am going to post about making babies. Succulent babies! This will be my first time trying it out but I am hoping to propagate some succulents from succulent leaves. I had a couple of succulents that were a little moist when I got them and they never seemed to get any better. I did not water them when I got them and waited about three weeks without water but leaves kept getting yellow and mushy and fell off. I figured it was best to try propagating their healthy leaves while they still had some.



I started by gently wiggling off the outer leaves. I have read that you have the best chance of success if you get a clean break from the stem or even a little bit of the stem on the leaf. After I pulled off the outer leaves I replanted the bases in a mixture of cactus soil, perlite and sand. Sometimes babies will grow on the stem from where the leaves were pulled off. Also I thought I would give them a chance to survive still.

I then left the leaves on a plate and waited for the ends to dry out and callus over. I left them for about 5 days but the ends were pretty dry after 3 days.




Here are my two trays of leaves for propagation! One is a plastic tray that you can stick under a plant pot to catch water and the other is a lid for a plastic container. I put cactus soil on top and laid the leaves on top of that. I did not bury them. I gave them a very light spritz of water and plan to spray only once or twice a week. They are currently residing under my grow lights.

I am really excited to see how this turns out! I hope I get at least a few little succulent babies.



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