Second Batch of Herbs Update

I has already been two weeks since I planted my second batch of herb seeds! They are growing fast so I thought I would show you how they look now!



My Lavender is super tall! It’s the tallest of all the herbs including the first batch which was planted two weeks before the Lavender. I planted Lavender seeds in six pods and currently have it growing in four. One pod has three seedlings, another has two and the last one has one seedling. The Lavender popped up out of the dirt six days after planting.



My Rosemary is getting pretty big as well! I planted it in five pods and have one seedling each in three. It also took six days to pop up.



Look at those true leaves coming in on my Lemon Balm! So exciting! I planted Lemon Balm in five pods and have multiple seedlings in each pod. It popped up in six days.



Another herb that is growing in thick is Thyme. I planted it in five pods and have many seedlings in each. Thyme was the quickest of this batch to pop out of the dirt at only four days!



I saved what I think is the most interesting one for last. Looks at how big my Sage is! It is the thickest out of all the herb seedlings (including the first batch) and it’s fuzzy! I planted Sage in four pods and I have two pods with one seedling and another with two seedlings! Sage was the slowest in this batch (but not overall) to pop up out of the dirt. It took 9 days. Worth the wait though!



And here is an overhead look at what’s going on! I am so excited to watch them continue to grow from seedlings that all look about the same into different herbs! They are already already starting to show hints of what they will grow into.

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