Another Small Succulent Haul

Here we go again! I really am going to have to slow down on my succulent purchases for a while. I only have so much space and I am not sure how many herbs will grow and how much space they will need. I just could not resist these cuties though!


Echeveria Lilacina (commonly know as a Ghost Echeveria). So beautiful!


This is a Sedeveria Lilac Mist. Sedeveria are hybrid crosses between Sedum and Echeveria. I am excited about the bit of height this one has! I will make sure to show you a better picture of the front below.


This one is also a Sedeveria but I am not sure what kind. If you know please comment!


Senecio Rowleyanus (commonly known as String of Pearls or Sting of Beads). I have been wanting a String of Pearls for a while but have only seen large ones in hanging baskets. I was very excited I found a cute little one.


I also picked up a couple of nice terracotta bowls with drainage holes. I had been looking for something just like that for a while and was so happy to find some locally for a good price.


Here are the two Sedeverias and the String of Pearls in their new home! I am in love with this arrangement!


A close-up of the Sedeveria Lilac Mist in her new home.


I also moved the succulents I got from Succuterra and the Echeveria Elegans Grey Red into a terracotta bowl. I tried to give them lots of space to grow! I also amended the cactus mix I was using. I used two parts Pro-Mix Premium Cactus Mix, one part perlite and a handful of sand (maybe half a part or so). I hope the addition of the perlite and sand helps with drainage and keeps my plants healthy long-term.

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