Small Succulent Haul from Lowe’s

Last weekend I stopped by Lowe’s to see what kind of pots they had. I didn’t find the selection of pots I was hoping for but I brought home some lovely succulents!


Echeveria Subsessilis Blue. I am in love with the colours on this one!


Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg. I have been looking at photos online and drooling over Perle von Nurnbergs for a while. I was so excited when I found one! I just had to bring it home.


Here is a fun one! I think it’s an Echeveria Black Prince. It looks like it is working on blooming! This photo is from a week ago when I brought it home…


And this photo is from today! That shoot is growing so quickly! My theory is it loves it’s new home. (:


And last but not least an Echeveria Elegans Grey Red. This one is still pretty small so I cant wait to watch it grow! The colour is hypnotic!

I hope you enjoy looking at photos of succulents as much as I do! I went to the garden center near my house recently and brought home a few more succulents. I will post photos on Wednesday. Meanwhile if you are looking for more info on the other succulents in the featured image check out my blog post about them!

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