Herb Garden Progress Update #2

I know I have been checking my herbs everyday for growth. I thought you might like a quick update on my first batch!



So far I have a little of everything! This photo is from 17 days after planting. The Basil is the largest and the Chamomile has the most seedlings. They were both the first to come up (4 days after planting). There are photos in my last update.



Here are the Catnip and Bergamot when they first started to come up 6 days after planting!



Oregano was next at 9 days after planting…



And Mint was last at 12 days after planting.


Everyone is looking a little bigger now! Here are some photos from 17 days after planting!



Chamomile is so skinny and cute! I have been waiting to see which seedlings get strongest before thinning out the weaker ones but they are all looking pretty good! I have Chamomile growing in 7 out of 7 pods I planted it in and there are a few seedlings in each pod.



Bergamot grew in 5 out of 5 of the pods I planted it in. A couple pods have two but I haven’t thinned it out yet.



Catnip grew in 2 out of 3 pods. There is one seedling in each pod and I did not thin out any.



Basil came in large! I have a big healthy Basil in 4 out of 5 of my Basil pods. I thinned out the smaller seedlings early on and left only one in each pod.



Oregano grew in 2 out of 5 pods I planted it in. So far I have one pod with two seedlings and another with one seedling. I have not thinned it out.



And finally Mint! Mint grew in 3 out of 5 pods I planted it it. I only have one seedling in each of the three pods it grew in and I did not thin it out.


I cant wait until they get big enough for pots! Looks like I might have some extras… I am going to need more pots!

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