Harvesting my Kale Microgreens

Just wanted to post a small update. I harvested my kale microgreens 10 days after planting.



The true leaves were just starting to come in on a few of them so it seemed like a good time.



I harvested the kale microgreens by cutting close to the dirt level with a pair of scissors. I then washed and dried them. I first dried with a paper towel and then left them to air dry before refrigerating. I then reused the dirt like using the same method as I did in my update where I harvested the sunflower microgreens. The only difference is I did not cover the kale seeds with dirt and used about the same amount of seeds as I did when I first planted them.

Since I just planted some more sunflower and kale microgreens I covered those sections of the trayΒ with a clear plastic lid before placing back under the grow lights. I have purchased a couple of smaller trays that I am going to start using once I am done with this dirt to make things easier.

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