Planting More Seeds

I ordered some more herb seeds a few weeks ago and they finally came! Originally I just ordered a few seeds that were listed as easy to grow and I was going to see how that went before ordering more. Before even receiving the first batch I regretted not ordering Lavender and Rosemary so I placed another order. I got Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Sage and Thyme. Within 10 mins of receiving my package I was outside planting my seeds!



I used Dutch Treat Starter Mix soil for all of these seeds. I added a small handful of Perlite to the soil I used for the Rosemary seedsย since the seed package said that Rosemary prefers a soil with excellent drainage. It looked as though there was already some Perlite in the soil as well.



I decided to use part of my tray that is already in use by the seeds I started a couple of weeks ago. I started by filling the pods with soil (leaving some space on top) and pressing it down. The soil for the Rosemary seeds with the extra Perlite is on the far left in the above photo.

I then wet the soil and waited a few minutes for the excess water to drain. After that I placed about 3 seeds in each pod on top of the soil. Some of the seeds were very small so there might be some extra Thyme, Lavender and Lemon Balm seeds in their pods. I covered the Rosemary and Lavender gently (with just enough soil to cover them) and the rest I left uncovered. I then lightly misted the soil covering the Rosemary and Lavender seeds.



Because I was too excited to get things started I did not cold stratify the Lavender seeds before planting. I am planning on starting that process and planting some additional Lavender seeds using that method and comparing the two.



I then covered the new seeds with a clear plastic lid before placing them under the grow light. You can also see some of the progress on my first batch of herbs. I will post a small update on them later this week so you can get a better look at their growth.

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