Microgreen Growth Update

My sunflower and kale microgreens got big! The watercress is still tiny and cute! It’s been 7 days since I planted my microgreens and I am already harvesting my sunflowers.












As you can see the true leaves are just starting to come in on the sunflowers. I checked them last night and I didn’t see any so they come in quick! I harvested the sunflowers and decided to leave the kale and watercress for a few more days since I didn’t see any signs of true leaves.



I cut the sunflower microgreens close to dirt level and washed. I then dried them a bit with a paper towel and left them to air dry. It’s important to make sure your microgreens are completely dry before storing. It will help them keep longer.



This is what I was left with. I have herd of others reusing their dirt a couple of times so I figured I would give it a try. I started by breaking everything up with a fork and patting it down again.



I then spread my seeds. I spread them a little closer together this time since last time things looked a little sparse. Since the soil was already moist I didn’t want to give it a full water. I just gave it a spritz then covered lightly with starter mix until I couldn’t see the seeds anymore and spritzed again.

I cant wait to add my sunflower microgreens to my salads and shakes! I can’t believe they came in so quick. I am sure my kale and watercress will be ready soon as well!

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