Planting Microgreens

I started another project! Over the weekend I planted some microgreens. Microgreens are seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs harvested less than 14 days after germination. They are quick to grow and contain more nutrients than their mature counterparts. I plan to blend mine into my daily shake and maybe make a salad or two.


I planted Sunflower, Kale and Watercress.

I started by sectioning off my tray. Since I had a few different things I wanted to plant and didn’t want a tray of each I made some tinfoil dividers. This way I should get a variety without ending up with way too much. I will let you know how this works out. The Watercress section is a little smaller than the others because I had less seeds.


Then I filled each section with about 1.5 inches of Dutch Treat Starter Mix. The packages said to use about 2 inches of soil but I have also read to use 1 inch. I split the difference.


I then watered the soil until it was good and damp. I waited for any excess water to drain out the holes in the pan before scattering the seeds.


Next I scattered the seeds. I packed the Kale and Watercress a little more densely than the Sunflower seeds as per the directions.








I then lightly covered the Sunflower and Watercress seeds with just enough soil so I couldn’t see them anymore and misted everything with a squirt bottle.


Top (left to right): Microgreens and Herb Seedlings

Bottom (left to right): Mini Rose, Assorted Echeveria,ย Haworthia Fasciata , Cactus andย Sedum Morganianum

I placed a clear plastic lid on top and put it on the shelf as seen above. The instructions on the seed packet said to place it about 4 inches below the grow light. The soil should be kept moist but not too wet. In a couple of days I should start seeing some seedlings! Once the seedlings start popping up I will remove the plastic lid.

Harvesting should happen when they are about 2 – 4 inches tall and have green leaves. I have read that you want to harvest before their true leave come in because they taste better beforehand. To harvest you should use clean scissors and cut just about the soil. Then they can be washed them and refrigerated. Make sure your microgreens are dry before storage so they will keep longer.

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