Succulent Unboxing

I mentioned in my last post that I ordered some succulents. They arrived already! I ordered over the Easter long weekend and my package arrived (less than a week later) on Friday April 6th. Considering that they were shipped from Toronto all the way to Vancouver Island, BC I am pretty impressed. I never get anything this quickly.

I ordered the 5-pack Echeveria Essentials Bundle from Succuterra. They have lots of succulents, air plants and terrariums to choose from and most importantly (to me) they ship to all the provinces in Canada.



They came in a nice compact box.




When I first opened the box there was a cute card with care instructions.



Next there was shredded paper…



Then packing peanuts…



And finally the succulents wrapped in bubble wrap. Everything seemed to be wrapped very securely.



This little guy was the first one I pulled out. There were no labels on the succulents so I emailed a picture to and Jay got back to me very quickly to help me identify them. This one looks like a Pachyveria. A Pachyveria is a hybrid between an Echeveria and a Pachyphytum. Very cool!



The next one looks like either an Echeveria Parva or Echeveria Agavoides. Both get red tips on their leaves from getting lots of light. From looking at pictures online I think this one looks more like the Echeveria Parva because the leaves get thicker near the ends.



This one looks like an Echeveria Agavoides.



I love the darker greens and hints of red in this one! He definitely looks like an Echeveria Purpusorum.



I think I might be most excited about this one! Looks like an Echeveria Fabiola. The Echeveria Fabiola is a hybrid between the species Echeveria Purpusorum and Echeveria Derenbergii. Orange and red flowers grow from the top.



My new friends in their temporary pots.


Overall I am pretty happy with my purchase.


  • Quick shipping.
  • Succulents were packed well and arrived in good health.
  • Good customer service. I was very impressed with how quickly Jay got back to me by email to help me identify my plants.
  • Good selection.
  • Website was easy to use.
  • They accept payment through PayPal.


  • I was hoping for a little more colour in my bundle. I will probably order an Echeveria Perle Von Nurnburg and an Echeveria Black Prince in the next few weeks to satisfy my need for more colour. 😉


After unboxing my order I planted my new succulents in 4 inch terracotta pots with Pro Mix Premium Cactus Mix. When Jay saw the photo of my potted succulents he mentioned that my soil looks very peaty and I will have to be very careful not to over water. I checked the ingredients on the cactus mix and the first two ingredients are peat moss and peat humus.

I was planning on repotting these succulents into a planter together after I do some more research anyways. I will probably plan to do this sooner rather than later and do more more reading on what to mix with my soil to help with drainage.

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