Herb Garden Progress

I am so excited! My herbs are finally popping up! I have been checking them each day but there was no changes up until yesterday. Since I had a busy evening and was rushing around after work I almost didn’t check on my herbs since I figured there would be no change! When I saw my little seedlings I shrieked with excitement and freaked out my boyfriend a little.



Day 5

So far my basil and chamomile are in the lead!



Day 5 Basil and Chamomile

I gave them a little water and turned on the grow light for them. I can’t wait for them to get big enough to pot! Shouldn’t be too long now so I need to make sure I am organized for that.

My other exciting plant news is I ordered an echeveria variety pack! I have found it fairly difficult to order succulents online as a Canadian. Most US retailers don’t ship to Canada. After finding some beautiful succulents on Instagram and checking out their stores only to be disappointed by the US only shipping I finally smartened up and did some Googling.

I will give you all the details when my package arrives!



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