Planting Seeds

Yesterday was a beautiful day to get outside and plant some seeds. My mom had purchased some organic potting soil for her outdoor planters and had some extra so we got together and shared our seeds and soil.


Pro-Hex Tray Professional Seed Starting Tray

This is the seed starting tray we both used. It comes with the seed starting tray, a solid lower tray and a clear plastic lid. The cells seem pretty deep and I like that it has the lower tray to catch excess water and dirt.



I purchased my seeds from West Coast Seeds. Today we planted Organic German Chamomile, Wild Bergamot, Peppermint, Dolly Organic Basil and Greek Organic Oregano. While I plan to keep my garden indoors but my mom will be moving her plants outside when they are ready. It will be interesting to see which they like more.


Before planting the seeds

I filled the cells about 90% full of the organic potting soil before pressing down the soil and drenching with water.


After planting the seeds and inserting the labels

I put about 2-3 seeds in each cell. They were so small it was hard to tell. After placing the seeds in the cells I loosely applied a small layer of dirt to each cell except the oregano. I tried to follow the instructions on the back of the seed packets but they differed by millimeters so I doubt I was too accurate. I then lightly sprayed with water using a squirt bottle.

I planted 3 catnip, 3 chamomile, 5 bergamot, 5 mint, 5 basil and 5 oregano cells. I should be receiving more seed varieties within the next week or so and will plant them in the remaining cells.


Current setup

After bringing home my seed starting tray I moved my succulents and cacti to the second shelf. The seed starting tray does not need light at this point but will probably benefit from the small amount of heat the lower light will give off.

I am very excited to be starting my herb journey and can’t wait for them to start popping up! I will post updates when I plant the other seeds I am expecting and when my seedlings start showing.

3 thoughts on “Planting Seeds

  1. Thanks Sherry! There are a couple of nurseries in my area that specialize in succulents but they have been closed for the winter. I can’t wait for them to open up so I can pick up some more varieties!


  2. I’m going from store to store just looking at all the new plants, But I do have a better plant with nursery stock. Like I said all yours are wonderful.


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