My Setup

Originally I was looking for a tabletop grow light that I could put on my spare desk and would provide light for a few herbs. After looking at what was out there I quickly realized there was no cheap options. Since I would have to invest some money into my setup I decided to go with something that could house more plants.



These are the shelves I decided on. They are 3ft wide and have five shelves. I figured the wire would be easiest to hang a light from, it would be easy to keep clean and it looks nice. Most importantly it was on sale at my local Home Depot at the time of purchase. It was easy to build and customize heights of the shelves. I am very happy with my purchase.


24″ SunBlaster T5HO

Here are the lights I decided on. I purchased four of the 2ft Sunblaster T5HO fluorescent grow light. I currently have two set up side by side on my top shelf and two on the next shelf down. If I expand further I will purchase more for the next shelf. I got the 2ft lights because my shelves are three feet long and I wasn’t sure how the lights would sit with the lip on the sides of the shelves. After telling anyone who would listen about my set up one of my co-workers decided to also purchase the same shelves and lights. She got the 3ft lights though and says the lights fit fine on the shelf.


Almost ready!

Here are my shelves with the top two lights setup. I used small S hooks to hang the lights. The lights came with a cord to attach light strips together so you only have to use one plug in for multiple lights. The cord is not long enough to reach between shelves but works fine for multiple lights on one shelf.

For this setup all you need is 3ft which makes it ideal for those living in a smaller space. If you don’t have 3ft to spare there are also smaller shelving units and lights available. You may even be able to use part of a book shelf or another piece of existing furniture in your home.

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