My First Succulents

For years I have seen succulents online or at the store and wished I could take some home. Since I do not have enough natural light at home to keep them happy I never felt like I could. Because I decided on a larger lighting and shelving setup I have some space for some succulents in my indoor herb garden. While waiting for my herb seeds to arrive in the mail I picked up a few friends to keep me company.



Left:ย Haworthia Fasciataย  Right: Cactus

Here are my first two succulents. I brought them home from Home Depot the other day. The plant on the left was labeled Haworthia. There are many varieties of Haworthia but mine looks like a Haworthia Fasciata also known as a Zebra Plant.ย  The plants on the right were just labeled cactus. I re-potted both from the plastic containers they came in to these 4 inch terracotta pots. While re-potting I realized the flower on the cactus was glued on and all the rocks were glued together as well. I broke up the rock glue a bit but I might remove the rocks completely and add some glueless rocks or moss later.



Sedum Morganianum

I purchased this plant on a whim at my local nursery while shopping for gardening gloves and a trowel. It was just too beautiful to pass up! It is a Sedum Morganianum also known as Burrow’s Tail or Donkey Tail. The stems grow up to 4 inches which will take around six years. Burrow’s Tail is often sold in hanging planters.



My little succulent family in their new home!

Since my herb seeds finally came in the mail I plan to do some planting this weekend. I will post an update after.

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